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Advanced Dental Technology
Provides Exceptional Results

Dentistry is a medical field that’s becoming more modern by the day, and the team at Windermere Center for Dentistry has worked hard to keep up with the latest tools and techniques for the sake of our valued patients. Our office is outfitted with several technologies that are sure to improve your care experience, from the accuracy of your diagnosis to the comfort and speed of the actual treatments themselves. We can’t wait for you to experience our comfortable and state-of-the-art atmosphere – contact us today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Rapport!

Woman and dentist looking at intraoral photos

Intraoral Camera

Our Carestream intraoral camera captures precise, true-to-life images of each patient’s unique smile in seconds. These images are valuable for many reasons – they’re excellent educational tools, they aid Dr. Rapport in diagnosing problems and damage more accurately, and they help patients feel like they’re a full partner in their oral healthcare journey instead of being simply along for the ride!

Panoramic dental x-rays on computer

Digital X-Rays

In the not-so-distant past, traditional film X-rays were invaluable when it came to diagnosing oral health problems that existed under the surface of patients’ smiles, but they came with several problems too. That’s why Windermere Center for Dentistry has proudly invested in digital X-ray technology! Now, your high-resolution X-rays are available for viewing in minutes, with no darkrooms required. They’re also stored right in our computer system, where they’re more environmentally friendly and always available for easy transfer. Patients won’t even have to worry about dangerous radiation exposure, which is reduced by up to 80% when compared with the older method.

Digital impressions on computer screen

Digital Impression System

Older patients surely remember this – having to sit still while the doctor filled your mouth with goopy impression materials that made you want to gag. Dr. Rapport understands how unpleasant of a process this was; that’s why she uses digital impression technology. Now, a simple scan of the mouth is all it takes to capture highly accurate, three-dimensional models of teeth that can be used to create restorations. The need for time-consuming retakes is minimized too!

Patient receiving laser therapy

Soft Tissue Laser

When it comes to treating sensitive gum tissue for health or aesthetic concerns, there’s no better technique today than modern soft tissue lasers. These tools can target areas in a precise and comfortable fashion. The instant sterilization they provide is also ideal for minimizing post-operative symptoms like swelling and bleeding and helping patients remain relaxed throughout the process; in fact, many don’t even require a local anesthetic.